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Our qualitatively created directory of dental organizations - is a real full-fledged portal, through which our country's companies are able to attract more and more new customers. In their turn, customers can choose for themselves the right dentist in their own region. Almost all the major dental companies have their own official websites. But smaller organizations cannot afford it due to the fact that the site requires constant development, and hence the cost. That is why we have created a special portal on a free service. It is an electronic catalog where every dental organization can publish the necessary information about them and tell a little about their activities. And if you ever need to find a list of companies in your region, you know where all the information is collected and you no longer have to scour the network. Our directory of stomatologic organizations allows you to place the information at the same time the owner of the company is no longer puzzle over the content of the site and payment of its work. And customers can always find the right company for them and make the right choice. Update frequency is the most important indicator of the reliability of a directory of organizations. That is why our experts are working on a daily basis on this issue. Due to this user will not have to spend their time studying the information which has ceased to be relevant. In addition, we are always working on our resource and promptly respond to all questions from users. Our directory of dental organizations gives the user a complete view of the companies. In particular, we provide them with the phone number of company, its address, website, photos, certificates and a series of other important information.